Resources and publications: Driver training

See resources related to driver training for schools and instructors, parents, and those learning to drive.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington Traffic Safety Education Association have helpful resources for driver training instructors, students, and families.

Resources for driver training schools


Bicycle and pedestrian safety

Motorcycle awareness

Move Over, Slow Down

Sharing the road with large vehicles

Resources for examiners and instructors

Resources for students and their families

All new drivers should study the Department of Licensing's (DOL) driver guide.

External resources for students and their families

Organ donation

Becoming an organ donor is a decision that could save a life! Learn more about organ donation and how to sign up to become a donor and learn about the heart symbol on your driver license or permit.

For organ donation curriculum contact LifeCenter Northwest at

Organ donation resources for instructors

You can share a sample organ donation letter with your students' families, available in the following languages:

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