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Temporary permit: Real estate appraisers

Learn how you can get a temporary permit if you have an appraisal assignment in Washington and are licensed or certified with another state.

ARCHIVE Approved appraiser courses

Use the online appraiser course tool to find approved appraiser courses.

Approved appraiser courses

As an appraisal course provider, learn how to get approval for your course, event, or seminar before the start date.

Information for supervisors

Learn the rules and registration process to be an appraiser supervisor.

Exams: Appraisers

Appraisers must take an exam to get their license. Learn how to register and pay for your exam.

Laws and rules: Appraisers

Read the current appraiser laws and rules and learn about the rulemaking process.

Real Estate Appraiser Commission: Meetings & minutes

Learn about the Real Estate Appraiser Commission members and find public meetings, agendas and minutes.

Resources and publications: Appraisers

Access the forms, documents, and related websites you need to apply for and maintain your appraiser license.

Frequently asked questions: Appraisers

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about appraiser licenses.