Additional services

Prearrangement Funeral Registration

Prearrangement funeral registration is required if you sell funeral prearrangement contracts funded with trusts, or guaranteed prearrangement contracts funded with insurance.

Renew or update your license: Prearrangement funeral services

Learn the requirements and how to renew a prearrangement funeral services license. Find out how to update your name and address on your license.

Certificate of Removal Registration

Learn who needs a certificate of removal registration and the requirements for all funeral establishments contiguous to Washington State.

Renew or update Certificate of Removal Registration

Learn how to renew or update your certificate of removal registration.

Resources and publications: Funerals and cemeteries

Get guidelines and resources related to funeral and cemetery licenses.

Laws and rules: Funerals and cemeteries

Learn the current laws and rules for funeral directors, embalmers, cemeteries, morgues, and human remains, and view rulemaking activity.

Frequently asked questions: Funerals and cemeteries

Get answers to frequently asked questions about funeral directors, funeral establishments, cemeteries, cremation, and burial.

Funeral and Cemetery Board

Read about the Funeral and Cemetery Board's members and view meeting dates, agendas, and minutes.