Registering campers

Learn about what qualifies as a camper in Washington state, and how to register and title one.

What is a camper?

In Washington, a camper is a recreational lodging unit that:

  • Has a floor
  • Is designed to be mounted on a truck
  • Provides facilities for human habitation, and
  • Has an overall length and height of 5 feet or more when fully extended

How to title and license a camper

Follow the steps to transfer ownership of a vehicle to apply for a title and registration.

If you have a camper that is attached to a vehicle registered in Washington, the camper must also be licensed in Washington. Campers are not eligible for collector plates.

If the camper is 10 years old or newer, you must complete the Recreational Vehicle Data/Use Tax form. Dealer transactions do not require this form.

Register and title a truck and camper previously registered as a single motorhome

You must apply for separate titles and registration documents.

Your truck and camper must be registered and retitled at the same time unless one is:

  • Destroyed
  • Sold out of state, or
  • Held in a dealer's inventory

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