Commercial driver guide

Your complete guide to commercial driving in Washington State.

What's in the guide

  • Commercial driver license (CDL) requirements
  • Skills test overview
  • State CDL laws and regulations
  • Types of commercial vehicles and operation guidelines
  • Safe driving tips and techniques
  • Safe transportation guidelines for passengers and cargo
  • Hazardous materials

New supplemental guide

Hard copies of a new supplemental guide will be available by the end of August. If you take your test on or after October 1, you'll need to study and get trained on the new testing criteria.

When to use the new supplemental guide

  • When skills testing on or after October 1.
    • Study from both the current CDL guide and the supplemental guide.
  • If you're upgrading your CDL on or after October 1 and it requires a skills test.

New skills test requirements

We're implementing AAMVA’s CDL Modernized Skills Test on October 1, 2023. The new test changes the Vehicle Inspection and Basic Control segments of the skills test. The road test will remain the same.

The new testing criteria only applies to approved schools and employer training providers. We'll begin the new skills test for ESD and transit drivers in early 2024.

Previous test scores

  • Previous scores won't be valid on or after the implementation date. No exceptions.
  • If you don't pass all 3 segments of the skills test before October 1, we won't carry over any passing scores. You'll have to start over at the Vehicle Inspection.

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