Registering travel trailers

Learn what qualifies as a travel trailer in Washington state, and how to register one.

How to title and license a travel trailer

Follow the steps to transfer ownership of a vehicle to apply for a title and registration.

Cargo Extensions

A cargo extension is a device that connects to the left and right sides of a motorhome or travel trailer frame and becomes part of the frame. Cargo extensions allow extra space for owners to carry additional cargo, such as dirt bikes, legally without having to tow a trailer. The cargo extension is not titled or licensed since it is considered to be part of the motor home or travel trailer.

Cargo extensions must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have an axle with 2 wheels, acting as a tag axle, to safely carry the weight of the cargo
  • Must be equipped with mounted rear tail lamps, fenders, covers, flaps or splash aprons
  • Cannot be a trailer that pivots on a hitch
  • Does not allow a trailer or secondary cargo extension to be attached to it

Collector vehicle license plates

For qualifying travel trailers that are at least 30 years old and operated primarily as a collector vehicles, you may choose to apply for Collector Vehicle plates.

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