Additional services

Laws and rules: Vehicle and boat dealers

Learn the current laws and rules for vehicle and boat dealers, and view rulemaking activity.

Resources and publications: Vehicle and boat dealers

Find links to manuals, associations, and government websites for vehicle and boat dealerships.

E-Permits: Vehicle and boat dealers

See how to join the E-permits system and issue vehicle temporary license plates to your customers.

Get more plates or decals: Vehicle and boat dealers

See how to order additional or replacement plates and decals for your dealership.

Clean Car Law emission requirements: Vehicle dealers

Find out how to make sure your vehicle inventory meets the Clean Car Law's emission requirements.

Child support liens: Vehicle and boat dealers

See how child support liens affect vehicle and boat dealers, and how to verify who holds a lien.

Inspecting modified off-road motorcycles: Vehicle dealers

Learn the requirements for inspecting modified off-road motorcycles.

Close your business: Vehicle and boat dealers

See what you must do before closing a vehicle or boat dealership.

Temporary license plates: Vehicle dealers

Learn how to issue temporary license plates and what to do with unused or lost/stolen temporary plates.