Laws and rules: Vehicle and boat dealers

Learn the current laws and rules for vehicle and boat dealers, and view rulemaking activity.

Recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer and dealer agreements

You can't sell new RVs in Washington without first entering into a written agreement with the manufacturer. The agreement must:

  • Establish regulations and provisions for both parties.
  • Provide obligations for warrantors of RVs, RV parts, components, and accessories.
  • Outline a clear process for civil dispute resolutions, mediation, and relief if you're injured by another party’s violations.
  • Be signed by both parties.

The law defines RVs as:

  • Vehicles towed by a consumer-owned vehicle, and
  • Designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use. Examples include:
    • Only travel trailers.
    • Fifth-wheel travel trailers.
    • Truck campers.
    • Folding camping trailers.

List of rulemaking activity

Rulemaking is how we create or change rules. See the latest rulemaking for vehicle and boat dealers.

Current laws and rules

Vehicle dealer laws and rules

Boat dealer laws and rules

Snowmobile dealer laws and rules

Off-road and non-highway vehicle dealer laws and rules

Explanation of abbreviations

  • RCW—Revised Code of Washington (Washington laws)
  • WAC—Washington Administrative Code (Washington agency regulations)

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