Update ID card or Enhanced ID card (EID)

Learn how to update your ID or EID card if you've changed your address, name, disability or medical designation, gender designation, or veteran status. Military members can read about expiration date rules and how to get a DOL Authorization card.

Changing your address

  • After you move, you have 10 days to change your address on an ID or EID card.
  • There's no cost to update your address. There is a $20 fee for getting a new card with your updated address on it.
  • Log in or create an account to change your address.

Changing your name

If you've officially changed your name and would like to update your ID or EID card:

Update the Social Security Administration

Update your Social Security record and bring your new Social Security card with your updated name into the office.

Visit a driver licensing office

  1. Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office.
  2. Show us your current ID or EID.
  3. Show us one of the following documents to prove your name change:
    • Court order showing your change of name.
    • Divorce decree (filed and certified by the court) showing the new name or authorizing a name change.
    • Marriage certificate (filed after the ceremony with the county or authorized issuing authority and certified). Church or wedding chapel forms aren't acceptable. To get a certified copy of a marriage certificate, contact the county auditor where the license was filed.
    • Valid US passport or US passport card with new name.
    • Certificate of naturalization or citizenship with new name.
  4. Pay the driver license fee.

Update your vehicle registration

You may need to change the address or name on your vehicle registration. Updating your name on your ID or EID doesn't automatically change the name on your vehicle registration.

Update your Good To Go! account

If you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, be sure to update the contact information on your account with the Department of Transportation online or by calling 866-936-8246.

Changing your disability or medical designation

You have the option to add or remove disability and medical designations in our system. These designations will inform first responders about how you communicate or that you have one or more conditions that might affect a health emergency.

You may choose one or more of the designations below to add to your record:

Developmental disabilities symbol: Black letters DD surrounded by white on black circle
Developmental disabilities
Deaf or hard of hearing symbol: White ear slashed through by white diagonal line on black circle
Deaf or hard of hearing
Medical alert symbol: White snake on white staff on black asterisk
Medical alert


The designations you choose are linked to your name in our records. You can also choose to have symbols printed on your ID or EID card.

  • Most law enforcement can see these designations when they look up individuals in our system.
  • In an emergency, medical personnel can only see designations printed on your ID or EID card. They don’t have access to what’s in our system.

In person

Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office location and bring your current WA ID or EID.

By mail

Complete a Driver License or Identification Card Medical, Hearing, and Disability Designations Request form (available in English and other languages).

Once we receive and process the form, we'll send you a confirmation letter. If you chose to have the symbols printed on your ID or EID card, you will receive a new card automatically.

Changing your gender designation


Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office location and bring your current WA ID or EID.

By mail

Complete the Change of Gender Designation Request (English, Español, Русский, and more) form.

When we have received and processed the form, we'll send you a letter to get a new card online or at a driver licensing office. If you're visiting an office, bring your current WA ID or EID.

Changing your veteran designation

You can get a Veteran designation on your ID or EID card. There's no fee if that's the only thing you're updating.

Make an appointment and bring one of the following to a driver licensing office:

  • Your DD Form 214 or a separation document equivalent to a DD Form 214 that shows "honorable" or "general under honorable conditions" status, or
  • Your US Department of VA ID Card

If you don't have your DD Form 214, you can request your military service records online.

Information for military personnel

ID card expiration date

We no longer issue ID/EIDs showing "military" in place of the expiration date. All cards now show an expiration date, however, your ID/EID will remain valid when you're on active duty even if the expiration date has passed.

DOL authorization card

This card indicates that your ID/EID is valid for 90 days after you're discharged or until your card's expiration date, whichever is longer. Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office to get a DOL Authorization card for you and your family. Make sure you and your family always carry their:

  • WA ID or EID card
  • Military active duty or Dependent ID card
  • DOL Authorization card

Who qualifies for military personnel benefits?

  • Armed forces members on active duty
  • National Guard and reservists called to active duty for 180 days or more
  • Spouse, domestic partner, and dependents who have the same residence as the person on active duty

Frequently asked questions

How to replace your ID card

If you're out of the state or country and you've lost your card, complete the Driver License Renewal/Replacement Request While Out-of-State.

How to replace your EID card

Due to security requirements, we can't mail an enhanced replacement card to an out-of-state address. If you're going to be out of state for more than 30 days, you may get a standard ID card to replace your EID.

See How to replace your EDL while out of state for more information.

What if I am stopped by law enforcement while I'm on active duty?

Your ID is valid for the length of your service even if it's expired. You should carry your military ID and DOL Authorization card as evidence that your license is valid.

A spouse or dependent child should carry their Military Dependent ID and DOL Authorization card. Domestic partners should carry proof of their relation to the military personnel along with their DOL Authorization card.

Can I upgrade to an enhanced ID if I have a "military status" license?

Yes, military personnel may get an EID with the correct documentation. Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office.

The Department of Homeland Security allows military personnel to travel across land and sea borders with an expired EID. Make sure you carry your military ID, traveling orders, and a DOL Authorization card.

When you return to WA, make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office to get a new one.

Change your driver license/EDL to ID/EID

  • If you don't want a driver license or EDL anymore, you can change it to an ID or EID card.
  • Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office to make the change.
  • The fee to change to:
    • A standard ID is $54
    • An Enhanced ID is $96
  • Your ID or EID can be used for identification but not for driving.
  • If you change from an EDL to a standard ID, your card won't work for air travel or accessing federal facilities beginning May 7, 2025. Learn more about REAL ID.

What if I haven't received my ID or EID card yet?

If you don't get it after 30 days, call us at 360-902-3900 (TTY: call 711).

Need additional help? Here's how to contact us:

call Phone: 360-902-3900
(TTY: Call 711)
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