Change your gender designation

Learn about the steps you'll need to change the gender designation on your driver license. We offer 3 options: "M" (male), "F" (female) and "X" (not exclusively male or female).

Submit your information

You can submit your information to us in person at an office or send it in the mail.

Request in person

Make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office location and bring the following:

Request by mail

Mail a completed Change of Gender Designation Request form to the address on the form. When we receive and process the information on the form, we'll send you a letter to get a new card. You can log into License eXpress and get your new card online or make an appointment to visit a driver licensing office. Bring your current Washington:

  • Driver license/ID card
  • Instruction permit

Additional fees

If you're only updating your gender designation, your new card is free. If you need to update more than your gender, there may be an additional fee. There is an additional fee for the following:

  • Adding other endorsements at the same time
  • Updating information on your card such as name or address
  • Renewing your license – you can renew up to a year in advance

View driver licensing fees.

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