Electronic titles

This optional program allows lenders to hold an electronic title record instead of a paper title for the duration of the lien.

The Electronic Titles Program (ELT) allows us to work with lenders to exchange lien and title information electronically through a third-party vendor. As a participating lender, you will receive an electronic title record instead of a paper title. After you release a lien electronically, we will print a paper title and mail it to the vehicle's owner.

Your participation in this program is optional.

Benefits of electronic titling

Enrolling in electronic titling provides several benefits for lenders:

  • Lower costs: Electronic titling eliminates the need to store, retrieve, and mail paper titles
  • Speed: Lenders can communicate with us electronically, speeding up the titling process
  • Security: Electronic titling reduces vehicle titling fraud

How to enroll

You must enroll with a third-party vendor approved by us to exchange lien and title data on your behalf. Vendors manage their lender customers. Participation in this program is optional.

After selecting and contacting a vendor, you will need to work with them to submit an electronic titles lender application to us.

Authorized Third-Party Vendors

Vendors are responsible for maintaining an electronic system that can conduct title and lien transactions through the our electronic titling interface. They are also responsible for transmitting data between us and lenders enrolled in the program.

These vendors have been approved by us to work with lenders to provide electronic title records:

To learn more about becoming an authorized vendor, contact us at dolvseltneeds@dol.wa.gov.



Fee type Cost
New account setup $112.93
Change request $166.50
Title updates $35.50 / vehicle title
$25.50 / vessel title

Vendors are responsible for paying monthly lender transaction fees.

Need additional help? Here's how to contact us:

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