Registering modified off-road motorcycles

You can get a license plate for a 2-wheeled motorcycle as long as it meets the requirements for road use. Learn what the requirements are and how to get your license plates.

If it's been modified to meet the requirements for road use, you may get a license plate for a 2-wheeled motorcycle (defined as having handlebars and a seat that is straddled by the rider) that was originally manufactured for off-road use only.

How to make your off-road motorcycle street legal

1. You need to install all of the following equipment on your motorcycle and the equipment must meet federal Equipment Manufacturer Labeling Requirements:

  • A headlamp that meets the requirements of RCW 46.37.523 and 46.37.524 and is used whenever the motorcycle is in motion on a highway.
  • A tail lamp that meets the requirements of RCW 46.37.525.
  • A stop lamp that meets the requirements of RCW 46.37.525.
  • Reflectors that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.525.
  • Brakes that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.527, 46.37.528, and 46.37.529.
  • Mirrors on both the left and right handlebars that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.530.
  • A horn or warning device that meets the requirements of RCW 46.37.380.
  • Tires that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.420 and 46.37.425.
  • Turn signals that meet the requirements of RCW 46.37.200.
  • Fenders that are adequate for minimizing the spray or splash of water, rocks, or mud from the roadway. Fenders must be as wide as the tires behind which they are mounted and extend downward at least halfway to the center of the axle.
  • A windshield that meets the requirements of RCW 46.37.530, unless the driver wears glasses, goggles, or a face shield conforming to rules adopted by the state patrol.

2. Have the motorcycle inspected by a licensed Washington State motorcycle repair shop or motorcycle dealer.

3. Submit all of the following to any vehicle licensing office:

  • Your completed Motorcycle Highway Use Declaration form.
  • A copy of the receipt showing you paid for the safety inspection (attached to the form).
  • The title for the motorcycle. If the bank has the title, you'll need to work with them to get the title and motorcycle highway use declaration form submitted.

Title, registration, and license plate

When you've completed the process of making your motorcycle street-legal:

  • The comment "modified for on-road use" will be printed on the title and registration to show that it's street-legal.
  • You'll need an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) decal and a motorcycle license plate to ride on public roads. (The law requires modified off-road motorcycles to meet both ORV requirements and requirements for on-road use).

Frequently asked questions

How can you determine if a motorcycle dealer or repair shop is licensed?

Ask for their Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number and use our license lookup to see if they're licensed. Repair shops will have a business license; dealers will have both a professional license and a business license. The status should be open and active.

How much will the safety inspection cost?

The dealer or repair shop can't charge more than $100 per safety inspection. Make sure a copy of the receipt is attached to your Motorcycle Highway Use Declaration form. The cost will vary from business to business.

What if I decide to remove the equipment that's installed?

If you remove the equipment, the motorcycle will no longer be street legal. You must submit the title to a vehicle licensing office and remove the license plate. A new title will be issued with the comment "not eligible for road use."

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement on my driver license?

Yes. You must also comply with all applicable rules of the road and laws for motorcycle drivers under RCW 46.37.530.

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