How to replace your license plate

Replacing your license plates

Fees will apply when getting new plates for a vehicle.

For buyers of a vehicle

You can also use plates you already own by transferring them to your vehicle. Fees will still apply.

For sellers of a vehicle

You can:

If you purchased tabs just before or after you sold the vehicle you may be able to get a refund for the fees you paid.

Do I need to replace my plates?

If a vehicle has changed ownership, you'll need to get new license plates.

Plates don't need to be replaced if:

  • You're removing a deceased spouse or domestic partner from the title
  • You got your vehicle from:
    • your spouse or domestic partner
    • a family member as a gift or inheritance
    • a trust in which the registered owner or their immediate family members are the beneficiaries of the trust

Mailbox requirements for buyers and sellers

If your mailbox is smaller than 12½" x 6½", the post office may not be able to deliver your new license plates. They'll be returned to the licensing office that mailed them. You must be registered with the post office to receive mail at the address you provide.

Update your Good To Go! account, if needed

f you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass, be sure to update the contact information on your account with the Department of Transportation. Update your Good To Go! account online, or call 866-936-8246.

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