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June 2024

Recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer and dealer agreements

We're implementing a new law relating to RV manufacturers and dealers. Effective June 6, 2024, you can't sell new RVs in Washington without first entering into a written agreement with the manufacturer. The agreement must:

  • Establish regulations and provisions for both parties.
  • Provide obligations for warrantors of RVs, RV parts, components, and accessories.
  • Outline a clear process for civil dispute resolutions, mediation, and relief if you're injured by another party’s violations.
  • Be signed by both parties.

The law defines RVs as:

  • Vehicles towed by a consumer-owned vehicle, and
  • Designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use. Examples include:
    • Only travel trailers.
    • Fifth-wheel travel trailers.
    • Truck campers.
    • Folding camping trailers.

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