Theatrical wrestling school events

Learn the requirements for holding on-site or off-site theatrical wrestling school events.

A licensed theatrical wrestling school may hold events for training purposes at the school or may hold a limited number of events off-site. You may charge an admission fee for either type of event without a promoter license.

Event requirements

Follow the steps below to hold a theatrical wrestling school event.

Hire the necessary people

These people must be at the event:

  • A school representative
  • An ambulance, paramedical unit, or emergency medical technician licensed under RCW 67.08.330 and WAC 36-13-110

Keep a list of participants

You must maintain a list of the names of all participants who performed in each event. You must keep this list for at least three years and provide it at our request.

Remember your responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  • The health and safety of participants.
  • Following the laws and rules.
  • Ensuring at least 80% of the participants are amateurs.

Additional requirements for off-site events

Follow these additional steps if you plan to hold an event at a location other than a theatrical wrestling school.

Provide advance notice

You must notify us by email at least 14 days before holding an off-site event. The notice must include the:

  • Location of the event
  • Date and time of the event

Send your advance notice to

Follow the safety requirements

You must follow the ring and safety zone legal requirements.

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