Do I need a motorcycle endorsement?

To legally ride a 2-wheel motorcycle, 3-wheel motorcycle, or scooter in Washington, you must have a motorcycle endorsement or permit on your driver license.

To legally ride in Washington you must have a 2-wheel motorcycle or 3-wheel sidecar/trike:

  • Endorsement on your driver license or
  • Motorcycle instruction permit for learning how to ride on public roadways
Type of motorcycle Endorsement required
2-wheel motorcycle or scooter that:
  • Is larger than 50cc or
  • Can go faster than 30 mph
2-wheel endorsement
2-wheel motorcycle or scooter that:
  • Is 50cc or smaller and
  • Has a maximum speed of 30 mph
No endorsement required
2-wheel motorcycle or scooter with a stabilizing conversion kit installed 3-wheel endorsement
Motorcycle with a sidecar 3-wheel endorsement
3-wheel trike or reverse trike 3-wheel endorsement
3-wheel vehicle with a seating area, safety belts, and a steering wheel No endorsement required

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