Business and profession data requests

Learn the requirements and fees for requesting business and professional license data from us.

Before you get started

We issue most professional and business licenses in Washington, but other agencies also issue licenses for some professions. Please check the list of Washington licenses to see which agency you should contact.

Want to search for a specific licensed business or professional? Look up a business or professional license.

How to request data

Follow the steps below to request business or professional license data.

1. Check if the data you need is already published

We post a lot of information for the public. Using our website, you can:

If that data you need isn't on our website, go to the next step.

2. See if you're allowed to receive the data you need

Lists of licensed professionals are available only to approved educators or associations. To see if you qualify to be an approved educator or association, please contact the relevant licensing program

Lists of licensed engineers are available to the general public (RCW 18.43.035). 

3. Contact the team that licenses the specific profession

You can find a profession in our list of professional license types. Each professional license page includes a phone number and email address you can use to contact that specific licensing team. The licensing team will address your specific needs by email.

Note: We can’t share confidential personal information about licensees unless you have a contract with us.

Special data requests 

We can provide statistics about professional or business licenses. You must pay a fee for these statistics.

We cannot:

  • Fulfill every request
  • Share confidential personal information

Data for academic research

If you're a researcher, read our guide on accessing data for academic research.


Fees reimburse us for the cost of providing the data to you. The following fee is subject to change.

  • You must pay for the actual costs of creating and providing the data file
  • Our rate is $60 per hour
  • We can provide an estimate

Need additional help? Here's how to contact us:

call Phone: 360-902-7100
(TTY: Call 711)
location_on Address:
Department of Licensing
Attn: Public Records Officer PO Box 2957
Olympia , WA 98507-2957
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