Agency overview

Read about how we serve the people of our state and the purpose and values behind our work.

What we do

Like licensing agencies in other states, we offer driver licenses, ID cards, license plates, and vehicle and boat registration. Unlike other states, we also license many professions, such as cosmetology and architecture.

We employ about 1,500 people at more than 60 locations, which provide services like driver exams, hearings, audits, and vehicle dealer investigations.

See the documents below to discover just how much we accomplished last year.

Purpose and values

Purpose statement

Helping every Washington resident live, work, drive, and thrive.

What does this mean?

Having an identification card, driver license, or professional license makes life easier. These documents can help you get housing, transportation, education, or a job. That's why we will:

  • Provide every person in Washington with equal access to all Department of Licensing services
  • Use input from your communities to improve access and services
  • Provide clear information about applications and requirements
  • Ensure the safety of your data

Value statements

  • Respect – We treat each person with dignity and respect.
  • Trust – We earn your trust through our actions.
  • Diversity – Our differences are our strengths.
  • Equity – We meet each person's unique needs.
  • Inclusion – Your voice informs and influences.

What do these mean?

Our value statements describe our culture and guide every Department of Licensing employee's behavior and decisions. They help us serve you better.

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