Registered tow truck indicator tabs

See how to order and place indicator tabs for your tow truck's license plate.

As of June 1, 2019, registered tow truck operators may use an indicator tab instead of a full-size plate for these additional license endorsements:

  • Vehicle transporter
  • Hulk hauler
  • Wrecker
  • Motor vehicle salvage processor

How to order indicator tabs

When you apply for or renew your license, check the “tabs” box and choose how many indicator tabs you want for each specific license type. You may also purchase plates for those endorsements. The fee for the indicator tabs and the license plates are the same and are renewed yearly. 

How to place indicator tabs

Indicator tabs go on the permanent rear license plate on your tow truck. Place the tab(s) in the top left corner above the plate number.

Washington tow truck license plate with four indicator tabs

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