Remote audit process: Real estate

Learn how to prepare for and comply with our remote process for real estate audits.

What remote auditors look for

Auditors look at the same records they reviewed when visiting the license location.

How to prepare for a remote audit

Make sure your records are up to date and available to the auditor. You should also:

  • Be proactive
  • Have a good understanding of your software
  • Know how to give the auditor any records you're required to keep
  • Have a plan for giving hard copy records to the auditor if necessary

What you need to do during a remote audit

You must cooperate with a remote audit. Follow the steps below and comply with the auditor's requests.

1. Speak with the auditor

The auditor will call you. If they can't reach you by phone, they'll also try to email you.

2. Provide information about contracts, agreements, and trust accounts

The auditor will send an email requesting:

  • Your log of contracts and agreements
  • Information about your firm's trust accounts (i.e., how many and what types)

You need to send this information to the auditor within 2 business days.

3. Provide records that the auditor requests

Next, the auditor will email you to ask for specific documents. They'll also provide a link where you can submit sensitive records.

You need to send them these records within 5 business days.

4. Provide additional records if necessary

The auditor may ask for more records. You might need to communicate with them by phone and email several more times.

4. Review the audit results

Once the audit is complete, we'll send you the results. Depending on the auditing findings, you may need to take further action.

What to do if a remote audit finds problems

Correct any problems by the date listed in your audit results. You need to document the corrections and provide them to the auditor.

If we approve your corrections, we'll close the audit and notify you. If you need to make more corrections, we'll tell you what to do.

Need additional help? Here's how to contact us:

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