Frequently asked questions: Private investigators

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How long will it take to get my license?

If you apply online, we will issue your license within 21 days. If you apply by mail, we will issue your license within 60 days.

Private investigator agencies

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Do I need an agency license if I only work for myself and don't have employees?

Yes. Anyone who works as a private investigator must be licensed either as an agency principal or an agency employee.

How do my employees get licensed?

Once your agency is licensed, your employees can apply for their licenses online or by mail. Employees must also complete 4 hours of pre-assignment training from a licensed certified trainer. Your company can attest that they've completed the training on their application.

Can a certified trainer from a different agency train my employees?

Yes. Anyone who is currently employed and certified as a private investigator trainer can train your employees.

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