Approved curriculum: Home inspectors

Learn what course curriculum meets the requirements for home inspector education and read about the curriculum rubric used to evaluate your course.

The following curriculum is approved by the Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board to satisfy education requirements in RCW 18.280.070 and WAC 308-408A.

Fundamentals of Home Inspection Course Curriculum

The Fundamentals of Home Inspection Course Curriculum course meets the requirements under RCW 18.280.070 to take the home inspector licensing examination.

Contents of this document:

  • Recommended learning levels
  • Recommended hourly breakdown
  • Required topic areas
    • Building science
    • Analysis and reporting
    • Business operations
  • Educational objectives for each topic area

Fundamentals of Home Inspection: Curriculum Rubric & Course Evaluation Tool

Once a Fundamentals course curriculum has been submitted for approval, it is evaluated by a home inspection subject matter expert (SME) evaluators using the Curriculum Rubric & Course Evaluation Tool (Rubric). Based on the Rubric ratings, the Fundamentals course curriculum is either approved or denied for delivery.

The Rubric provides DOL and SME evaluators with a means of determining the quality of a Fundamentals course curriculum submission. The Rubric is also intended to provide a common language for DOL and SME evaluators to draw on during the submission evaluation process.

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