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Get information about court reporter exams, grading criteria, permitted transcribing tools, and find out when and where to take the exam.

One of the ways you can get a court reporter certificate is by passing the Washington State court reporter exam.

About the exam

Exam description

The exam includes:

  • 2-minute warm-up segment (not required for transcription)
  • 2 voice question and answer testimonies given at 200 words per minute. Each testimony is 7 minutes long and you must transcribe at least 1 testimony.

Transcribing tools

  • You may choose to use the computers at the test site or your own transcription equipment.
  • Test site software includes Microsoft Word for Windows.
  • Computer disks will not be provided.
  • The test site will be staffed with technicians for assistance.


You'll be graded on a consecutive 5-minute segment of the testimony you choose to transcribe. The passing score is 95% accuracy.

Next exam

Date and time: To be determined

Application deadline: To be determined

Location: To be determined

How to schedule your exam

Currently, we are not scheduling exams.

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