Professional development requirements and audits: Architects

To maintain your architect license, you must complete 24 professional development hours (PDH) within your 2-year license period. Learn more about architect license requirements.

Professional development requirements for architects

To maintain your practice, you must complete 24 professional development hours (PDH) within your 2-year license period.

If you earn more than 24 PDH in the second half of your license period, up to 12 of the extra hours can be carried over to the following 2-year license period. For example, if you earn 50 PDH in the second half of your 2-year license period, only 12 of them can be carried over to the following 2-year period.

Professional development hours

Because professional development activities aren't pre-approved by the board, you're responsible for seeking out qualified professional development activities. You may use the Architect Professional Development Worksheet to track your PDH activities and hours.

Examples of professional development activities

Below are examples of professional development activities and hours. At least 16 PDHs must address public health, safety, and welfare.

(1 PDH = No less than 50 minutes of activity)
Maximum PDH
per renewal cycle
1 hour of preparing and presenting a professional development program at:
  • Seminars
  • Professional/technical meetings
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
(This credit doesn't apply to full-time faculty.)
16 PDH
Publication or presentation of a technical paper or article you wrote. 8 PDH
Publication or presentation of a book you wrote. 8 PDH
Serving as an elected officer or appointed chair of:
  • A committee in a professional society or organization.
  • A professional board or commission.
  • A regulatory board for the practice of architecture.
(1 complete year of service = Up to 4 PDH per organization)

Professional exam grading or writing (serving as an exam grader or on a committee writing exam materials for a professional registration exam)

1 hour attending meetings or hearings of the board. (This credit doesn't apply to board members, parties, or witnesses in hearings before the board.) 8 PDH
1 hour of work outside normal duties of employment involving participation in other recognized professional activities. 4 PDH
1 hour of self-study relevant to the practice of architecture. 8 PDH
1 hour participating in organized courses relevant to the practice of architecture, including those provided by your employer, trade organizations, technical or professional societies, or the board. No limit
1 hour attending professional or technical society meetings with an informational program. 8 PDH
Providing pro-bono service that has a clear purpose and objective, and maintains, improves, or expands your professional knowledge or skills.
(4 hours of service = 1 PDH)
1 hour participating in an activity involving substantial and organized peer interaction, excluding time spent during regular employment. 8 PDH


Each year 5 to 15% of licensees are chosen at random to be audited by the board on PDHs earned. If you're audited, you will need to submit specific records to confirm the PDHs you've completed.

If you're audited

Submit records

Submit records of your PDH activities for the last license period by your license expiration date.

Use the Architect Professional Development Worksheet or a similar form to record your activities and hours.

You will be asked to submit any of the following:

  • Receipts and certificates provided by universities, professional organizations, or other course presenters (e.g. signed attendance receipts, payment receipts, certificates of completion, and continuing education credit reports)
  • Copies of lecture materials, course outlines, agendas, handouts, book covers, articles, or content outlines.
    • If necessary to prove your participation, include corresponding travel receipts or expense reports.
    • For multi-session events, highlight the sessions you attended on the agenda or schedule.
  • If the content is not apparent by the course title, provide information demonstrating how the activity is related to health, safety, or welfare.

Records to keep

We'll accept receipts, certificates, or rosters showing you completed a professional development activity. The records must include:

  • The date of the activity
  • The instructor's name
  • A description of the activity
  • The location of the activity
  • The number of professional development hours

After the audit

Don’t dispose of your records after you have been audited. You must keep your records for a total of 5 years after the audit, including:

  • The cumulative time in your current renewal period
  • The 3 years before your last renewal

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