Get your license: Appraisal management companies

Learn what you need to get an appraisal management company license, what to do before you apply and how to apply online or by mail.

Who needs a license?

Any appraisal management company that provides appraisal services of property or goods for a fee in Washington State.

How to apply

Make sure you meet the following requirements and follow the steps below to apply for an appraisal management company license.

Get detailed instructions for the online application process.

1. Meet the requirements

To qualify for a license, your appraisal management company must have:

  • A business license with the Business Licensing Service.
  • A designated controlling person.
  • A $100,000 surety bond.
  • Have a process to verify that a person being added to your appraiser panel has a valid Washington license.
  • Have a system to periodically review the work of appraisers performing appraisal services for the company.
  • Maintain detailed records of service requests and appraisal reports.

2. Submit fingerprints

Each individual owner of 10 percent or more of the company and the designated controlling person must submit fingerprints for state and national background checks.

  • Inside Washington: Schedule an appointment through Idemia, our electronic fingerprinting vendor. You'll pay a fee for the fingerprinting service and background checks required for your license type.
  • Outside Washington: Email us for directions.

For more details, see Fingerprinting and background checks.

3. Complete all the necessary forms

You are required to complete all applicable forms to get the applications you need, provide a surety bond, and close your company.

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4. Submit your application

Submit your application online

You'll receive your license faster by applying and paying your fees online. Get detailed instructions for the online application process.

Log into SecureAccess Washington (SAW) or create an account to apply, upload your paperwork, and pay the licensing fee.

Submit your application by mail

Mail your forms and a check or money order for the application fee (payable to the Department of Licensing) to:

Appraisal Management Company Program
Department of Licensing
PO Box 3777
Seattle, WA 98124-3777

We cannot issue a license until we have reviewed all fingerprint background checks. Idemia will contact your company's Designated Controlling Person if any fingerprints were rejected for poor quality.

How long will the license be valid?

Your license is valid for 1 year. However, if your surety bond lapses, your license will be inactive until you send in proof of a new bond. Companies offering surety bonds don't provide updates directly to the Department.

Appraisal management companies no longer doing business in Washington

If your appraisal management company is no longer doing business in Washington, the Designated Controlling Person on file must complete, sign, and send in the Designated Controlling Person Closing Company Affidavit. You can mail it to the address on the form along with your license, or log in or sign up to close your business. We will process the request and cancel the Appraisal Management Company's license effective the date we process it or the date you specify.

You should also contact the following agencies to find out what requirements they have:

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