Fees: Combative sports

See the fees for combative sports licenses.

Forms of payment

  • We cannot accept payments over the phone.
  • Pay online with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (no gift cards).
  • Make checks or money orders payable to Department of Licensing.

Licensing fees

  • We cannot refund any fees.

Professional license fees

Type of license Fee
Amateur mixed martial arts sanctioning organization $540
Amateur mixed martial arts training facility $540
Announcer $75
Chiropractor $75
Inspector $75
Judge $75
License print fee $5
Manager $75
Mixed martial arts participant (amateur) $35
Matchmaker $75
Physician No fee
Professional boxing participant $35
Professional kickboxing participant $35
Professional martial arts participant $35
Professional wrestling participant $35
Promoter (professional boxing, professional kickboxing, professional martial arts, or amateur mixed martial arts) $540
Promoter (professional wrestling) $220
Promoter: Event fee 6% of gross admission receipts paid
plus $1 per ticket sold
Minimum fee: $25
Referee $75
Second $35
Theatrical wrestling school $540
Timekeeper $75

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