Insurance SR22/26 online submissions

Learn how to sign up for and use our online system for submitting SR22 and SR26 insurance policies.

What are SR22 and SR26 submissions?

An SR22 is a type of form that insurance companies submit to us for high-risk drivers. When an SR22 is no longer needed, insurance companies can submit an SR26 form to cancel it.

Log in to or join License eXpress to submit SR22 and SR26 policies.

Who can access the SR22/26 insurance database?

Only insurance companies can apply for a contract to access this database. Insurance companies may allow others to submit SR22 and SR26 policies on their behalf.

We don't contract directly with insurance agents and brokers; they must get access through insurance companies.

What you'll need

  • A computer with any of the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Safari 5+
    • Chrome 5+
    • Firefox 3.5+
    • Opera 10+
  • Internet access

How to get started

Follow the steps below if you have the authority to choose an account administrator and give them the authority to approve contracts. The administrator will manage system access for your employees.

See the Online Services for Driver Businesses guide for detailed instructions about each of these steps.

1. Request an Insurance SR22/26 contract

Complete an SR22/26 Insurance E-Service Access Request form and email it to

2. Get access to the system

Once we approve your application, your administrator can set up account access.

3. Prepare staff members to use the system

  • Request an account access code for each employee who will submit SR22 and SR26 policies
  • Email the access codes to your employees, who will set up their accounts

4. Submit policies

Now you're ready to submit SR22 and SR26 policies through License eXpress.

Get help with License eXpress

If you have questions about using License eXpress, call us at 360-902-3900 (TTY: Call 711).

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