Teen restricted (intermediate) license violations

Why was my license suspended?

Your license was suspended for receiving a second or third violation of Rules of the Road (RCW 46.61) or intermediate license restrictions.

What happens when my license is suspended?

  • When we receive a second or third ticket from the court, we suspend your driving privilege and mail you a suspension letter explaining the length of suspension.
  • We'll notify you and your parent or guardian before we take any suspension action.
  • You may not drive a motor vehicle until your license is reinstated.
  • If you have a Washington driver license, you must return it to any driver licensing office.

What if my driver license is from a state other than Washington?

During this suspension:

  • You aren't eligible to apply for a Washington driver license.
  • You may not drive in Washington with your out-of-state driver license.

How long will my license be suspended?

  • If it was suspended for a second violation, your license will be suspended for 6 months or until you are age 18, whichever comes first.
  • If it was suspended for a third violation, your license will be suspended until you are age 18.

Can I get a restricted license?

No, you can't be issued any type of driver license during this suspension.

Can I contest or appeal the suspension?

Yes, you may request an administrative review within 15 days from the date on your notification letter. The letter we sent to you includes a form for you to contest the suspension.

How can I get my license back?

At the end of the suspension, go to a driver license office to get a valid license. You'll be required to pay a $75 reissue fee in addition to your other licensing fees.

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There may be other issues you'll need to take care of to get your license back. To find out what you need to do, see Learn how to reinstate your license.

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