Minor in possession

What is minor in possession?

  • When a person age 13–17 is convicted of:
    • Possession of alcohol. (Age is determined by the incident date.)
    • Any offense involving a firearm, whether or not it's related to using a motor vehicle.
  • When a person age 13–20 is convicted of a drug offense. (Age is determined by incident date.)
  • When a person under age 18:
    • Pleads guilty or is found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm while in a vehicle.
    • Commits any offense while armed with a firearm in which a motor vehicle served an integral function.

What happens if I'm found guilty of minor in possession?

When a court or other juvenile agency notifies us that you have violated the minor in possession law, we'll:

  • Revoke your driver license.
  • Mail you a letter that:
    • Explains the revocation.
    • Lists options you have for reinstating your license early.
    • Includes a form to appeal the revocation.

Convictions don't show on your driving record, only that your license was revoked.

What happens when my driver license is revoked for minor in possession?

If you have a Washington driver license

  • You can't drive while your license is revoked.
  • You can't apply for a driver license or instruction permit while your license is revoked.
  • Any Washington license or instruction permit you currently have is no longer valid. You must take it to a driver licensing office or mail it to:
    Driver Records
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 9030
    Olympia WA 98507-9030

If you have a license from another state

  • You can't apply for a Washington driver license while your license is revoked.
  • You can't drive in Washington with a license from another state or province while your license is revoked.

We'll notify your home state or province that your license was revoked, and they may take license action there.

How long will my license be revoked?
Starting 45 days after we mail you the notice of revocation, your license will be revoked:
Type of offense Length of revocation
First notice 1 year or until your 17th birthday, whichever is longer.
Second or subsequent notice

2 years or until your 18th birthday, whichever is longer.

Multipleviolations may run consecutively.

Once you're 21 years old, the Department of Licensing will release any minor in possession revocations.

Early license reinstatement
Depending on the type of offense, you may be able to reinstate your driver license before the full term of the revocation is completed:
Type of offense Date when you're eligible for early license reinstatement
Possession of firearms No early reinstatement available.
First notice, possession of alcohol or drugs 1 year after whichever comes last:
  • Your 17th birthday.
  • The date of conviction.
Second notice, possession of alcohol or drugs Whichever comes last:
  • Your 18th birthday.
  • 2 years after the date of conviction.

Can I get a restricted license while my license is revoked?

No, you can't be issued any type of driver license or instruction permit while your license is revoked for minor in possession.

Can I contest or appeal the revocation?

You can't request a hearing for this type of license revocation. However, you can challenge the revocation by requesting that we conduct an administrative review. Only 2 issues will be considered during the review:

  • Whether our records correctly identify you.
  • Whether the information we received from the court or juvenile agency accurately describes the action they took.

How to request an administrative review

You may request a review within 15 days of the date on the license revocation letter you received from us. The letter includes a request form that you may complete and send to us by:

  • Fax to 360.664.8492.
  • or
  • Mail to:
    Hearings and Interviews
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 9031
    Olympia, WA 98507-9031

How can I get my license back?

Once you're eligible to apply for a new license or instruction permit, you must:

  • Successfully complete all applicable tests.
  • Pay licensing fees.
  • Pay the reissue fee.

Keep your address current with us so we can notify you of any changes to your driving status. Report any change of address within 10 days of moving. Log in or join to change your address online, or use the Washington Driver License/ID Card Change of Address form.

To get your license back early

Contact the court where you were convicted to discuss the possibility of getting your license reinstated early. If they decide to grant your request, they'll complete a Request for Early Reinstatement form and send it to us. We'll notify you in writing when you're eligible to apply for a new license or instruction permit.

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