Motorcycle Safety Program

Learn more about the Motorcycle Safety Program and how it works to advocate for and increase the safety of motorcycle riders in the state.

Washington Motorcycle Safety Program

In 1982, legislation passed that required the Department of Licensing to develop and implement a state motorcycle safety program. The Washington Motorcycle Safety Program is a member of the Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators.


To foster and promote safe motorcycle riding through:

  • Public information campaigns throughout the state to increase awareness of motorcycle safety
  • Developing quality rider training programs including classroom and on-cycle training
  • Improving operator testing


This program is funded by Washington motorcycle endorsement and permit fees.

Advisory board

Created by law, the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board works with the Director of the Department of Licensing to develop:

  • Effective motorcycle operator training programs
  • Motorcycle safety education outreach and campaigns


The technical assessment team created this report with specific recommendations for identifying, implementing, and improving motorcycle safety strategies and programs.

Washington Motorcycle Safety Assessment 2017

How to enroll in a safety course

To enroll in a rider training course, contact a motorcycle training school near you.

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