Types of motorcycle training courses

Learn about different types of 2- and 3-wheel safety training courses and what out-of-state courses are accepted in Washington. Find the right class to suit your skill level whether you're a beginner or advanced rider. 

We partner with motorcycle training schools to offer many courses to suit a variety of riders. When you pass these courses and take the appropriate knowledge and skills tests, you’ll qualify to add a permit and/or endorsement to your driver license.

Training Courses: 2-wheel motorcycles


For riders with little or no experience

  • Basic Motorcycle Course (BMC)
  • Basic Rider Course (BRC)
  • Get Riding
  • Learn To Ride (LTR)


For riders with some experience

  • Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2)
  • Get Riding—Street Strategies
  • Intermediate Motorcycle Course (IMC)
  • Intermediate Rider Training (IRT)
  • Learn To Ride Refresher (LTRR)
  • Returning Rider (RR)


For experienced riders

  • Advanced Rider Course (ARC)
  • Experienced Motorcycle Course (EMC)
  • Experienced Rider Course (ERC)
  • Street Skills 101 (SS101)

Training Courses: 3-wheel motorcycles


For riders with little or no experience

  • Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP) Basic Course
  • Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP) 1-Day Course
  • Three-Wheel Operator Program Level-One (TOP 1) Course
  • SW Motorcycle Safety 3-Wheel Class


For experienced riders

  • S/TEP Advanced Course

Training costs

Motorcycle training schools determine course costs and can vary by location. DOL provides a subsidy to Washington residents and military personnel stationed in Washington to help keep training affordable and accessible. This subsidy is funded by your permit and endorsement fees.

Not all training schools offer all the courses. Please contact a motorcycle training school for information on:

  • Costs and subsidy rates
  • Courses offered
  • Course details and requirements
  • Locations

Accepted out-of-state courses

2-wheel training courses (accepted for permit waiver)

  • Idaho Star – Basic Rider Training (BRT)
    • The BRT eRider course is not accepted in Washington.
  • Team Oregon – Basic Rider Training (BRT)
    • The BRT eRider course is not accepted in Washington.
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) – Basic Rider Course (BRC)

3-wheel training courses (accepted for endorsement waiver)

  • Sidecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP) Basic Course

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