Get an Enhanced Driver License (EDL)

Learn how to get an enhanced driver license (EDL). Use the enhanced document checklist to quickly prepare the correct documents and make an appointment.

1. Prepare your personal documents

To apply for an EDL, you'll need the correct documents. Use our enhanced document checklist to find out what you should bring, or get a checklist in Español:

You won't need to show your card, but you'll need to provide your Social Security Number or the Social Security Number of any minors applying.

2. Make an appointment

After you've collected your documents, make an appointment to apply at a driver licensing office near you.

  • Don't forget your payment for the license fee.
  • Leave enough time for your appointment including a document review and in-person interview. Applications are accepted up to 60 minutes before closing.
  • Allow 2 weeks to receive your EDL in the mail. You'll get a temporary EDL before you leave, but you can't use it at border crossings.

3. Prepare for EDL Fees

EDL card type Fee Breakdown Total Cost
Getting your first EDL $35 application fee + $1 technology fee +  $16 per year issuance fee $116 for 5 years
Upgrade your current Washington driver license to an EDL $7 per year for the time remaining on your license $7 to $56

Miscellaneous fees

Type More information Total
Technology fee This fee is added to all original and renewal transactions for standard and enhanced ID cards and driver licenses. The fee supports technology upgrades and maintenance for our driver license and ID card systems. This has been already added to the EDL fee above. $1

What is an enhanced driver license (EDL)?

The enhanced driver license (EDL) confirms your identity and U.S. citizenship. You can use it to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean through a land or sea port of entry. Your EDL also serves as your driver license and is an acceptable REAL ID document to use for air travel within the United States.

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