Semiannual rulemaking agenda

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Latest rulemaking agenda

The tables below show rule changes that we're considering. We update this agenda twice a year.

Note: This list may not include everything that we're working on. See our full list of rulemaking for more information.

Proposed rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Deadline Effective date
Disabled parking Specifying that customers must be Washington state residents to qualify for special parking privileges for individuals with disabilities James Manuel
Ignition Interlock driver's license Clarifying guidelines and practices pertaining to medical exemptions around the use of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). Colton Myers
Implementation of SB 5041 — FMSCA clearinghouse Remove state processes and deferring to federal processes. Colton Myers
TBD November 18, 2024
Implementation of SB 5112 — Voter registration Updates expiration dates for facility licenses, operator licenses, license renewals, and annual statements. Colton Myers
TBD July 15, 2024
Implementation of SB 5583 — Young driver safety Establish parameters around administrative guidance and how schools will meet the map obligations in Section 5 of the bill. Colton Myers
TBD July 23, 2024
JARRC petition response Respond to a JARRC petition regarding amending WAC 308-108-155. Colton Myers
Audit modalities Clarify in-person and virtual options for DOL auditing processes for multiple professional and business licenses. This includes those for Transportation Network Companies per HB 2076. Kelsey Stone
Professional licensing fee increases Fee increase needs have been identified by budget for several professional accounts. Kelsey Stone
June-September 2024 N/A

Ongoing rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Preproposal
Proposed rulemaking
Vehicle sellers report of sale
WSR 23-17-164
Updating rule to implement SB 5282 which authorized licensed vehicle dealers to file reports of sale on behalf of customers who sell, trade in, or transfer ownership to the dealer. James Manuel
August 23, 2023 N/A
Motorcycle and permit endorsement criteria
WSR 23-11-147
Creating a new rule to address criteria for issuance of motorcycle instructional permits and endorsement, for both 2 and 3-wheel motorcycles. Colton Myers
May 24, 2023 October 18, 2023

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