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Latest rulemaking agenda

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Proposed rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Deadline Effective date
Transportation network companies Describes audits for transportation network companies according to HB 2076. Kelsey Stone N/A March 1, 2023
Cosmetology minimum instruction guidelines Allows applicants to register for or take their exam if they only have 100 or fewer education hours left to complete. Kelsey Stone N/A July 23, 2023
Military spouse employment Adds a definition for military coordinator. Updates requirements for military spouse licenses. Updates language for temporary licensing timelines. Kelsey Stone N/A October 1, 2023
Cemetery license expiration Updates expiration dates for facility licenses, operator licenses, license renewals, and annual statements. Kelsey Stone N/A October 31, 2023
Semiautomatic assault rifle fee Removes the requirement for firearms dealers to collect an $18 fee during SAR purchases and transfers. Kelsey Stone N/A January 1, 2024
Real estate agency law Explains what “as soon as reasonably practical” means for agency agreements. Kelsey Stone N/A January 1, 2024
Motorcycle safety permits Clarifies permit requirements. Colton Myers N/A N/A
Administrative reviews and interviews Updates details about document reviews and interviews for the hearings unit. Colton Myers N/A N/A
Formalizing processes Describes how to handle formal hearings for drivers with CDLs. Updates the definition of “good cause.” Describes how to request an interpreter for a hearing. Removes the driving declaration for HTOs. Colton Myers N/A N/A
Commercial drivers licenses Changes testing exam fees. Allows CDL holders to renew online. Allows individuals who surrendered their license to get another without retaking the test. Colton Myers N/A January 1, 2024
Reports of sale Describes the new way for dealers to file reports of sale for customers. Carl Backen N/A July 22, 2023
Unlicensed fuel businesses Requires reporting for unlicensed businesses that sell, purchase, distribute, store, transport, or deliver fuel. Carl Backen N/A N/A
Young drivers Requires driver training schools to provide information for an interactive map. Creates alternative ways for driver training school instructors to get licensed. Changes intermediate driver licensing requirements. Updates course requirement rules. Ellis Starrett N/A October 1, 2024
Older drivers Adopts ways to address driver safety for medically at-risk drivers after conducting a study together with WTSC, DOH, and stakeholders representing medically at-risk drivers and older drivers. Ellis Starrett N/A December 1, 2024

Ongoing rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Preproposal
Proposed rulemaking
Data privacy
WSR 21-10-098
WSR 22-17-171
Implements SSB 5152 to enhance data stewardship and privacy protections for vehicle and driver data. Ellis Starrett
May 5, 2021 August 24, 2022
Traffic safety education waiver
WSR 23-06-024
In response to a rulemaking petition, updates rules for waiving a driver education requirement. Ellis Starrett
February 22, 2023 N/A
Appraisers PAREA standards
WSR 22-23-163
Matches state rules with recognized national industry guidance on alternative ways to get a license. Kelsey Stone November 23, 2022 N/A
Abandoned recreational vehicles clarity update
WSR 22-20-115
WSR 23-10-094
Clarifies rules. Addresses stakeholder workgroup requests. Carl Backen
October 5, 2022 May 3, 2023
Temporary plate issuance
WSR 23-07-113
Updates rules for issuing temporary license plates according to HB 1790 (passed in 2022). Carl Backen
March 21, 2023 N/A

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