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Latest rulemaking agenda

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Proposed rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Deadline Effective date
Implementation of HB 1996 — Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers Conduct rulemaking necessary to complete bill implementation Brandon Bannister
N/A June 6, 2024
Implementation of HB 2153 — Catalytic Converter Theft Conduct rulemaking necessary to complete bill implementation Brandon Bannister
N/A April 1, 2025
Abandoned RVs Setting clearer guidelines around the time frame for the Abandoned RV reimbursement application Brandon Bannister
Disabled American Veterans Free License Expand on the eligibility guidelines for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) plates and fees that apply to customers Brandon Bannister
Redesigns for Specialty Plates Provide guidelines and process for sponsoring organizations to follow when seeking to redesign current specialty plates Brandon Bannister
Vehicle transit permits Remove the requirement for a licensing agent or issuing authority to provide a signature for a vehicle transit permit Brandon Bannister
Implementation of HB 1964 — Enhancing Fuel Tax Collection Establish the Prorate Fuel Tax Discovery Team and implement new fuel tax compliance, data protections, and civil penalty provisions James Manuel
N/A July 1, 2024
Commercial drivers licenses Modify testing exam fees, allow CDL holders to renew online, and allow individuals who have previously surrendered their license to obtain another without having to test again Ellis Starrett
N/A January 1, 2024
Implementation of SB 5800 — Access to Identification Include new language to define “responsible adult” Ellis Starrett
N/A January 1, 2025
Ignition Interlock driver’s license Clarifying guidelines and practices pertaining to medical exemptions around the use of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Ellis Starrett
Financial assistance for Ignition Interlock Device requirements Allow customers to apply for financial assistance when there is no ignition interlock device (IID) requirement on file Ellis Starrett
Ignition Interlock Employer exemption form Create new rules related to DOLs ignition interlock device (IID) employer exemption form Ellis Starrett
Formalizing processes Formalize the process for handling formal hearings for drivers who hold CDLs, update the definition of “good cause”, formalize the process for requesting an interpreter for a hearing, and removing the driving declaration for HTOs Ellis Starrett
Older drivers Adopt strategies to address driver safety for medically at-risk drivers after a study is conducted in collaboration with WTSC, DOH, and stakeholders representing medically at-risk drivers and older drivers Ellis Starrett
N/A December 1, 2024

Ongoing rulemaking

Rule Scope Agency contact Preproposal
Proposed rulemaking
Vehicle dealers and manufacturers definitions Considering further defining each type of business practices allowed for vehicle dealers and manufacturers to provide industry clarity Ellis Starrett
April 17, 2024  
Hearings Unit reviews and interviews process Considering rulemaking to define the business rules, guidelines, and process for conducting administrative reviews and interviews Ellis Starrett
April 17, 2024  
Traffic safety education waiver Update rules to reflect the current process for waiving a driver education requirement; in response to a rulemaking petition Ellis Starrett
February 22, 2023 May 1, 2024
Young drivers Create requirements for driver training schools to provide information for an interactive map, establish alternative pathways to licensure for driver training school instructors, modify intermediate drivers licensing requirements, and update course requirement rules Ellis Starrett
April 3, 2024  
Implementation of SB 5191 – Broker Price Opinions Considering rulemaking to provide further clarity for real estate brokers concerning required documentation maintenance Kelsey Stone
February 7, 2024 April 17, 2024
06L fee increases considering fee increases that would go into effect in 2024 for several professions Kelsey Stone
February 7, 2024  
Notary fee cap increases Considering raising the maximum fees a notary may charge from $10 to $15, based on a rulemaking petition and additional industry feedback Kelsey Stone
February 21, 2024 April 17, 2024
Appraiser prohibitions Considering updating language in WAC 308-409-080 Prohibitions to include requirements from RCW 18.310.150 Disciplinary actions-Grounds in response to a rulemaking petition Kelsey Stone
March 5, 2024 May 1, 2024

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