Seal and stamp requirements: Landscape architects

You must have an official stamp or seal to work as a landscape architect. Learn the requirements for your stamp or seal and how to get one.

Seal/stamp requirements

Below is an example of the landscape architect seal/stamp design required by state law. Your seal/stamp must be in the format shown, with:

Your name in place of "LICENSED FULL NAME"

Your certificate number in place of the "####"

No deviation from this design is proper or legal. The seal/stamp may be scaled as appropriate, as long as it remains readable and doesn't include a firm name.

Your name will appear exactly as you entered it on your application.

How do I get my seal/stamp?

You may order one from any rubber stamp manufacturer. You will need to provide the rubber stamp manufacturer with a copy of your active license.

Can I use an electronically-produced seal?

Yes, however, you may want to check with the building official of the project you are going to be signing and stamping to find out if they accept electronic signatures.

Do I need to get a new stamp to comply with the recent design change?

No. If you were licensed before January 1, 2017, you may continue to use your existing stamp.

How to use your seal/stamp

The following rules apply to all work you prepare or supervise:

1. You must stamp or seal technical submissions required for:

  • Building permits, regulatory approvals, or construction drawings filed with authorities having jurisdiction. 
  • Drawings prepared by you (on each sheet).
  • Specifications and other technical submissions (on the cover, title page, and all pages of the table of contents).

2. Your seal/stamp must include your signature and license expiration date. Your signature can be handwritten or a digitally-represented handwritten version and must be next to the stamp/seal. (Requirements may differ in local jurisdictions.)

3. If you use preprinted identification block tracing sheets, you may have the seal/stamp printed on the block at the time of manufacture. You must add your signature and expiration date to each sheet before they're printed.

4. If you seal or stamp documents you have reviewed, you're responsible to the same extent as if you had prepared them yourself.

5. You may use more than 1 seal/stamp on drawings and specifications, but it's not necessary.

When not to use your seal/stamp

You may not use your stamp or seal if your license is:

  • Expired
  • Delinquent
  • Revoked
  • Suspended
  • On any drawings not prepared by you or your regularly employed subordinates, or not reviewed by you.

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